altoMoto Team

We all have one thing in common: we all share the joy of movement and an enthusiasm for vintage as classic motorcycles.

Stephan is the managing director of altoMoto. He holds the primary responsibility with joy and vigour. It is easy for him to keep his team in a good mood and to motivate it with new ideas time and again.

In earlier years, he studied mechanical engineering and geophysics. His professional activity gave him the opportunity to dive deep into the computer science. He now considers working with classic or vintage motorcycles as a fulfilling alternative to the digital world.

Stephan started as a motorcycle rider in the 70s on a Yamaha RD125. With proper care it soon ran faster than the competing sport-motorbikes from Malanca. Even today, he is still enjoy thinkering with bikes to increase their performance, whether by engine or by chassis. But nevertheless, things have changed; the journey to the goal is now more important than the goal itself.

Rolf is an expert in the field of metal processing. He assists altoMoto with technical questions. Starting in 1977, he travelled with various Japanese motorcycles. The Italian Ducati Pantah inspired him in early 80s and accompanies him even today on his tours. The fascination of the V2 led him later to the acquisition of a Bimota DB1, which is powered by the same engine. The last classic motorbike in his collection is a Honda GB 500 Clubman.

Rolf is a passionate mechanic. He believes motorcycling's appeal lies in the experience of the unity between driver, machine and the synergy involved.

Andrea does a part of the administrative work for altoMoto. Previously she worked as a computer scientist in Zurich. Today she lives with Stephan on a mountain farm and takes care of their flock of cashmere goats.

Andrea became inspired by Stephan's love for Motorcycles. She drives her cute Yamaha RS 125 mainly as a transport vehicle, whatever that might mean. She maintains her motorcycle with love and skill to keep it running for the next few decades.

Fiona supports altoMoto in compliance, regulatory and legal matters. She defines and reviews the code of conduct for altoMoto. This is an expression of altoMotos commitment to execute our activities in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. This is a benefit for our customers, the employees and the company itself. Despite their youth, Fiona is inspired by classic motorcycles. She preferably plays with the little SWM.

Stephan und Andrea

Stephan and Andrea