Maritime Alps and Liguria

altoMoto Tour:  Enjoy the landscape, the culture and the people

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The corona epidemic (COVID-19) forces us to cancel the event. We ask for your understanding.

Winding roads will not be neglected. It is also important for us to show you some of the beauty and the cultural heritage of the areas of southern France, Piedmont and Ligura, through which we drive. We appreciate and enjoy the culinary specialties of the local French and Italian cuisine and vineyards, which we are pleased to share it with you.

When does it start?

Classic Motorcycle Tour Arrival Departure
Maritime Alps - Liguria 09 Mai 2020 16 Mai 2020


We will meet on Saturday at the border of the Mercantour National Park, in the picturesque town La Brigue (Briga), at the foot of the Col de Tende. During eight days, we will enjoy the sunny side of life. When it is time to go our separate ways, we do it with many great and lasting memories.

Where are we going to travel?


We will stay at the Hotel Le Mirval for the whole trip. This hotel was opened in 1893 and is located next to the entrance to the town of La Brigue (La Briga), Alpes Maritimes, France. The house was built in the Art Nouveau style and was renovated a few years ago. It is considered as one of the best hotels in the Roya Valley. Their kitchen provides rich traditional menus that offer an overview of the specialties of the French Provence, the Riviera and the Italian Piedmont. There is also a cycling park near the hotel while climbers can test their skills on the nearby limestone cliffs. If you like it calmer, then you should take a rest in one of the village's many inns.

The community of Briga belonged to Italy up to 1947. Today many places still retain that Italian feeling. The medieval architecture of the town allows visitors to immerse themselves in times long past. The nearby Sanctuary Notre-Dame des Fontaines, with its rich frescoes, is considered the Sistine Chapel of the Alps. The nearby Vallée de la Merveille is famous for its prehistoric rock engravings.

Motorcycle trips

Touring on our vintage or classic motorcycles lead us to the Italian areas of Piedmont and Liguria as well as the French Maritime Alps. Every day is intended to give new impressions, both on and off the twisty roads. You will usually experience early summer warmth near the coast of the French and Italian Riviera, but do not be surprised if a cooler wind is blowing in the upper mountains of the Maritime Alps!

We ride our motorcycles about 200 kilometres a day. This typically includes five hours of riding time. For people who wish to relax, we also offer various relaxation programs at midweek such as bathing in the see or sightseeing. We always take a break in the morning for elevenses and a tea break in the afternoon. Lunchtime will be spent every day in a new French or Italian restaurant.

What benefits await you?

Our offer: All-inclusive!

The whole classic motorcycle voyage for vintage or classic motorcycles can be understood as an all-inclusive offer. Specifically, the price includes:

  • Seven nights in one of the best hotels in the Roya Valley
  • Half board with exquisite regional cuisine
  • Lunch and coffee breaks, if you opt for the comfort package
  • Entrance fees, guides and training
  • Oil, towing, daily workshop time with a mechanic
  • Tour guide with local knowledge with a maximum of six guests per group
  • Support in planning arrival and departure

Excluded are alcoholic beverages, private evening entertainment, outward and return journey as well as spare parts. The customer is responsible for arranging appropriate liability, health, travel and accident insurance for the motorcycle, the driver and the passenger.

Your Consideration

For the eight-day classic motorcycle tour with seven overnight stays, we charge the following amount:


5% discount when booked 90 days before the start of the tour: Amounts in brackets.
  Double Room
Single Room
Double Room
Single Room
Driver: € 1745  (€ 1645) € 1995  (€ 1890) € 1955  (€ 1850) € 2200  (€ 2095)
Sozius: € 1155  (€ 1080) € 1410  (€ 1330) € 1355  (€ 1280) € 1620  (€ 1550)
Passanger: € 1435  (€ 1345) € 1690  (€ 1600) € 1645  (€ 1565) € 1910  (€ 1810)

A sozius is a passenger on a client machine while a passenger drives with one of the tour guides.

  • easy: You prefer to arrange the reaction time yourself. Lunch and Coffee-breaks are not included in the price.
  • comfort: You like it comfortable and sociable. All costs for lunch and coffee breaks are included in the price.

How do I enter the Roya Valley?

The participants are responsible for the arrival and departure to and from La Brigue. The following options are at your disposal: car train, van or on the motorbike. We may help you on request and organise the transport of your motorcycle or the luggage to the tour area. More information can be found in the registration documents, which you may request at any time.


We plan the trips for up to twelve guests in two groups. The tour takes place with four or more participants. Please ask us to send you the registration documents. Applications will be considered according to the date of receipt.

Registration deadline:  15 April 2019!

Meteo La Brigue

Meteo La Brigue


Tête-à-tête at sunset

La Brigue (Briga)

Main street la Brigue (Briga)

Col de Valberg

Col de Valberg

Trophée des Alpes

Tropaeum Augusti, La Turbie

Le Mirval

Hotel le Mirval, la Brigue

Youngtimer on tour

Refuelling stop


Traditional mill

Pinocchio Pinocchio hometown

Berghe Inferieur

Berghe Inferieur

Cascade de Courmes

Cascade de Gourmes

Olive grove

Olive grove, Liguria

Port Saint Jean Port Saint Jean, Cap Ferrat


Avalanche, Col de la Lombarde