Stage Journey

altoMoto Stage: From one site to the next, in varying composition

Each day brings us into a new area. New people meet us every day. Others will leave the stage journey. We would be delighted if one of the participants could let us discover the beauty of his or her home specifically.

Mototappa d'Italia

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Do place names like Mandello del Lario, Breganze, Bologna, Pesaro or Gallarate a spezial meaning for you? If so then you're right on our stage trip to Italy for enthusiasts of classic motorcycles. Our journey takes us to still active motorcycle plants, workshops, museums and to the lovers and drivers of traditional Italian motorcycles. We will cross the Alps twice, ride for a day over the passes of the Southern Alps and pass the Apennine Mountains severl times along winding country roads. Sea lovers will enjoy a few hours on the beach at the Adriatic coast. A support car will transport our luggage and a specially charted bus is available to collect anyone who cannot continue for whatever reason.


The journey start

Saturday, September 05, 2020, 11:30

at Andermatt (CH), Restaurant Teufelsbrücke

and ends in the afternoon of

Saturday, September 12, 2020, 13:30

in Splügen (CH), Restaurant Weisses Kreuz.


Each stage is as a self-contained unit. We will be driving most of the time on roads that offer motorcyclists plenty of variety. Also motorcycles with smaller displacement feel good. We will also pass through the unattractive Po Valley in two to three hours freeway driving.

 Date  Place  Hospitality
Stage Places  mototappe d'Italia
Saturday, Sept. 05, 2020 Mergozzo Hotel Due Palme
Sunday, Sept. 06, 2020 Carpineti Agroturismo Le Scuderia
Monday, Sept. 07, 2020 Montespertoli Hotel Villa La Cappella
Thusday, Sept. 8, 2020 Pesaro Agroturismo Ca Verde
Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020 Castrocaro Terme Hotel Prati
Thurday, Sept. 10. 2020 Rovereto Garni Rainbow
Friday, Sept. 11, 2020 Mandello del Lario Albergo Grina

Each day has its own attraction. The main showplaces give you a first impression of what to expect. In between, we save some surprises for you, such as the trip across the street circuit (Circuito) of Mugello. We place special emphasis on personal contact with the local enthusiasts of classic and vintage motorcycles. When language difficulties ensue we are always pleased to help you where we can. We will translate the conversations, if you are not familiar with Italian but don't worry; some of them speak English too!

 Date  Place  Main Attraction

Main Attraction  mototappe d'Italia

Sunday, September 06 Samarate Museo Agusta
Monday, September 07 Montespertoli Officina Leoncini
Wednesday, September 09 Pesaro Museo Morbidelli
Thursday, September 10 Bologna Ducati Meccanica
Friday, September 11 Breganze Ricardo Oro, Laverda
Saturday, September 12 Mandello del Lario Moto Guzzi Open House


Our Offer: All-inclusive!

The mototappe d'Italia for classic or vintage motorcycles is a package deal. The price includes:

  • Accommodation in selected hotels
  • Full board including regional cuisine and a coffee break in the morning and afternoon
  • Entrance fees, guides, training
  • Highway tolls
  • Escort vehicle and daily workshop time with a mechanic
  • Tour guide with local knowledge coaching a maximum of six guests per group
  • Assistance in planning for your arrival and departure

Excluded are alcoholic beverages, private evening entertainment, the individual arrival and departure as well as spare parts. The customer is responsible for arranging appropriate liability, health, travel and accident insurance for the motorcycle, the driver and the passanger.


We charge a daily rate. This includes, depending if you book the easy or comfort package, a day trip with all the conveniences of the day, the evening plus a guest-night, including breakfast. altoMoto pays for the final lunch at the Hotel Kreuz in Splügen to all participants booking entire stages.

5% discount until 90 days before the start of the tour: Amounts in brackets.
  Double Room
Single Room
Double Room
Single Room
Driver: € 260  (€ 245) € 305  (€ 290) € 295  (€ 280) € 340  (€ 325)
Sozius: € 175  (€ 165) € 215  (€ 205) € 210  (€ 200) € 250  (€ 240)
Passanger: € 215  (€ 205) € 255  (€ 240) € 250  (€ 240) € 290  (€ 275)

A sozius is a passenger on a client machine while a passenger drives with one of the tour guides.

  • easy: You prefer to arrange the reaction time yourself. Lunch and Coffee-breaks are not included in the price.
  • comfort: You like it comfortable and sociable. All costs for lunch and coffee breaks are included in the price.


The registration documents are available through the contact form. Applications will be processed on a "first come first served" basis. We recommend early registration, in particular for the participants at the Moto Guzzi Open House, because the accommodations in Mandello del Lario quickly become fully booked for the Moto Guzzi event.

ready to go

Still some missing

Lago Mergozzo

Lago Mergozzo and Lago Maggiore

Museo Agusta

Museo Agusta

Torre di Palme Torre di Palme, Marche

Aermacchi Mechaniker

Aermacchi mechanic

Adria Panoramica

Strada Adriatica Panoramica

Ducati 125 Four

Museo Morbidelli


Entrance of Tavullia

Ducati Apollo

Apollo, Ducati Meccanica


Fabriano, almost 50 years ago


Laverda's by Ricardo Oro

Guzzi Open House

Mandello del Lario, Guzzi Open House

Splügen Südrampe

Splügen (@A. Michael)