Vintage Motorcycle Events

Be welcome! Our offer addresses to friends and lovers of classic and vintage motorcycles. It does not matter whether you

  • belong to one of the enthusiasts who care and maintain their vintage motorcycle with lots of love, may it be a vintage or classic bike;
  • if you drive a motorcycle in the classic stem from current production;
  • or if you have never even driven motorcycle yourself or you stopped driving.

The common denominator is our love for classic motorcycle. Just as important are:

Culture: Monuments as landscape along the way, the identity and tradition of the neighborhood, the contact to the local population, in particular heir culinary specialities.

Wellness: A dip in the sea, splashing in a thermal spring, a walk to relax or a wide panoramic view from a vantage point.

Pleasure: While driving at lovely weather conditions on the twisty mountain roads, enjoying the coffee in the bar at the Piazza, to have fun at the nearby fair or while shopping

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We continuously expand our range of offers and look forward to include your ideas. Our actual portfolio:

  • Tours: One week journeys to Alpine mountain roads in the areas influenced by the Mediterranean sea.
  • Trips: Thematic trips of a few days, usually around a weekend.
  • Stages: Journeys from one place to the other, every day with an other topic. You join or leave the stages whenever it suits best to you.
  • Excursions: Trips to locations with a special relationship to our vintage motorcycles, as museums, workshops, meeting places, race tracks or driver trainings.

Talk to us if you want us to offer you a suitable vintage motorcycle for an event, if you want to participate as a passenger or if you would like to contribute suggestions.

Do not hesitate to visit us if you are driving nearby us and enjoy the view over the lovely upper Toggenburg. You know to be at altoMoto as soon as you see the grazing cashmere goats. The entrance to the courtyard is marked with two tree stakes. A small snack is you sure whenever we are at home.