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Classic Motorcycle Tour 2015

Enjoying eight carefree days on your classic or vintage motorcycle on the southern France and Italian mountain roads near the Mediterranean Sea. This offers you altoMoto with the Classic Motorcycle Tour 2015. Relieved of possible language barriers and largely free from worries in case of a breakdown, you'll get to know a varied, culturally and historically interesting area, togehter with like-minded people.

To whom we address?

Do you drive a motorcycle in a classic style from current production, are you one of the enthusiasts who care for classic or vintage motorcycles and keep it in good repair, or are you no longer driving and do you wish to experience the classic motorbike tour as a passenger? Either way, you belong to our target group, wheter with or without passenger. Talk to us if you want us to offer you a suitable motorcycle.

Winding roads sould not be neglected. It is also important for us to show you some of the beauty and the cultural heritage of the areas of southern France, Piedmont and Ligura, in which we drive. We appreciate and enjoy the culinary specialties of the local French and Italian cuisine and vineyards. We are pleased to share it with you.

When does it start?

Classic Bile TourArrivalDeparture
Spring16 Mai 201523 Mai 2015
Autumn05 September 201512 September 2015

We will meet on Saturday in the Maritime Alpes, in the picturesque town La Brigue (Briga), the former capital of the Roya valley and the neighboring Italian territories. During eight days, we will enjoy the sunny side of life. Then it is time to separate, but with many great memories, which will join us in the future.

Where are we going to travel?


We  will stay at the Hotel le Mirval for the whole trip. This hotel was opend in 1893 and is located next to the entrance to the town of La Brigue (La Briga), Alpes Maritimes, France. The house was built in the Art Nouveau style and was renovated a few years ago. It is considered as one of the best hotels in the Roya Valley. There kitchen enjoy with rich traditional menus providing an overview of the specialities of the French Provence, the Riviera and the Italian Piedmont. There exist a cycling park near the hotel. Climbers test their skills on the nearby limestone cliffs. Do you like it calmer, then you should take a rest in one of the inns of the village.

The community of Briga belonged to Italy up to 1947. The Italian disposition you can still feel today in many places. The medieval architecture of the town allows visitors to immerse themselves in times long past. The nearby Sanctuaire Notre -Dame des Fontaines, with its rich frescoes, is considered the Sistine Chapel of the Alps. The nearby Vallée de la Merveille is famous for its prehistoric rock engravings.

Motorcycle trips

The classic and vintage bike touring lead us in the Italian areas of Piedmont and Liguria as well as the French Maritime Alpes. Every day is intended to give new impressions, both on and off the twisty roads. You usually will experience early summer warmth near the coast of the French and Italian Riviera, but do not be surprised if a cooler wind is blowing in the upper mountains of the Maritime Alps.

We ride our motorcycles up to 300 kilometers a day. This typically means six hours driving time. For people who wish to relax, we alternatively offer varios relaxation programms at midweek such as bathing in the see or sightseeing. We always take a elevenses break in the morning and a tea break in the afternoon. Lunchtime will be spent every day in a new French or Italian restaurant.

What benefits await you?

Our offer: All-inclusive!

The whole classic motorbike week for youngtimer and oldtimer motorbikes is to understand as an all-inclusive offer. In the price included is particularly:

  • Seven overnights in one of the best hotels in the Roya Valley
  • Full board with exquisite regionale cuisine, coffee breaks
  • entrance fees, guides, trainings
  • Gasoline, oil, towing, daily workshop with mechanic
  • Tour guide with lokal knowledge with a maximum of six guests per group
  • Support in planning arrival and departure

Excluded are alcoholic beverages, privat nightly outgoing, outward and return journey as well as spare parts. The customer is responsible for an appropriate liability, health, travel and accident insurance for the motorcycle, the driver and the passenger.

Your Consideration

For the eight-day classic motorbike tour with seven overnight stays, we invoice the following amount:


 Single RoomDouble Room
Driver:€ 2275€ 1925
Sozius:€ 1275€ 1025
Passenger:€ 1545€ 1290


A sozius is a passenger on a client machine, a passenger drives with one of the tour guides.

How do I enter the Roya Valley?

The arrival to and the departure from La Brigue is the participants affair. We will be pleased to support you.

Auto Train

The Auto Train to and from Alessandria is especially worth considering for guests from Germany. The German railway operates the terminals of Dusseldorf, Hamburg Altona and Neu Isenburg. From Alessandria you need another three hours driving time on your bike to enter the Roya Valley. Please sign up early if you wish that we transport parts of your luggage.


The international airport of Nice is located on the Mediteranian sea. The railroad will bring you from the nearby Nice St. Augustin train station to Nice central station. Alternatively, you can treat yourself a stroll through the city. There are frequent connections from Nice main station to the Roya Valley. The train ride through the Roya Valley is considered among railway enthusiasts as one of the most beautiful mountain railways in Europe. We are happy to pick you up in Tende (Tenda), if your train should not operate the La Brigue station. A trucking company will take care of the trasport of your motocycle and luggage. Get early in contact with us so that we can organize a group transport for anyone interested.


Guests from Switzerland may arrive in La Brigue within a six hour trip on there motorbike. Classic motorbike drivers from Northern Germany should consider at least two days. On request, we can assist you with route recommendations . Be aware that in May most of the high mountain roads in the French Alps are not passable.

Please join us in time if you want to make part of our collective luggage transport.

When you're doing?

We plan the trips for up to six guests with their classic motorcycles or vintage bikes. The registration deadline is end of March. Please ask us to send you the registration documents. Applications will be considered according to the date of receipt.

La Brigue

La Brigue (Briga)

Col de Valberg

Col de Valberg

Hotel le Mirval

Hotel le Mirval, la Brigue

Youngtimer parking

Youngtimer parking

Col de Brouis

Col de Brouis

Classic motorbike tour

Classic motorbike tour

Berghe Inferieur

Berghe Inferieur

Casterino raod

Road to Casterino




Ventimiglia beach

Simplon north

Arrival over the Simplon